After a summer well spent exploring parts of the planet where the sun is far more forgiving, and tending to the inner workings of R&D, we've jumped back into the fire with full force. We were contacted by Downtown Tempe, (Tempe, Arizona), and asked to create a new video that revisited much of what we'd highlighted in the first, as well as cover many of the new activities and developments that have seen fruition since.

We were able to work with some of our favorites, as well as add a few more to the list. Sarah Hubbell, (EMMA Magazine), and Hudson, made it out to show us around the Guard, Groomer, and Restful Rabbits. Jayarr and copilot, Dominique, gave us a sunrise tour of Tempe Town Lake; and a sunset with his CRAP Ride Tempe cycling group. Geof, Donjay, and Erin Ware worked effortlessly to show us a good time at the new Pedal Haus Brewery. And of course, no DT piece of ours is complete without the musical excellence from our friends of Jared & The Mill; of Tempe.

It's always a pleasure to work creatively alongside Downtown Tempe. More from R&D and DT to come. View our original video created for their #TempeRising campaign with AWE Collective last fall, here (extended), and here.