Homepage of the new Cartel site ( Feat. the R&D Studio, Phoenix, with Technical Director and co-owner Dylan Brabec.

Cartel Coffee Lab barista, Michelle Johnson serves Cartel staff, and guest, Jody Johnston, at Cartel Ash.

Cartel Coffee Lab's roaster, Paul Haworth loads coffee into the SF at Cartel Ash, Tempe, Arizona.

Today is a very special day for Cartel Coffee Lab. Following countless cumulative man-hours with design and developing from Alex Leiphart, the direction of Jules Tompkins, and our photography efforts. Cartel have launched a new site. It showcases information on Cartel history, location and sourcing, as well as educational resources developed by Cartel staff, and the ability to order Cartel online. Our photography is featured throughout the site- locations, elements, and scenes; from all Cartel shops.

With the announcement of the new site, Alex recognises day one of his new position as Social Media Coordinator (@cartel). This is the beginning of a new chapter for one of our favourite coffee communities, and an evolution of our ongoing relationship. Expect to see more collaboration in the near future.